Friday, July 31, 2009

Roger's Blog

My buddy Roger Gastman has his own blog now and he wants me to tell you about it. He posts funny stuff and lots of pictures of people eating. Check it out.

Judd vs. Jonny

This made my day this morning.

Old School Hockey Masks

Check these Old School Goalie Masks at Arkitip. The Bruins one above is super cool. I remember young Daver telling me how that guy would draw a stitch mark each time the mask saved him from a taking a puck to the face.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RIP Dash Snow

When I was in high school and early on in college, I was fascinated by Dash and his graffiti. He had a really funky style and pushed it to the limit. Him and his crew IRAK kind of became the downtown charlie browns. They painted with everyone, had the dopest graffiti and fashion styles, had articles written about them in Vice and Mass Appeal, and were just steadily holding down LES. Dash went on to become a reputable artist and showed at the Whitney Biennial in 2006 and was recently represented by Peres Projects. I can think of so many stories about this guy and I have a lot of friends who were super close with him. I know they are sad today and my thoughts are with them. Tiny Vices has some nice pictures by Dash on their site and check out some of his graffiti on Flickr. RIP