Sunday, December 13, 2009

THE U!!!

Last night ESPN premiered a new documentary about the University of Miami football program in the 80's and 90's called The U. Through focusing on the controversial University of Miami football teams of the late 80s and 90s, the film reveals so much about the history of the city of Miami, including racial tensions and Uncle Luke. Even young Pres, the mayor and cultural historian of Miami, couldn't do a better job dropping knowledge. This is a MUST WATCH and will be showing again tonight at 11PM EST on ESPN. Super shout out to the rakontur for making such an informative documentary and to the homies at honor roll for scoring the film. More info HERE.

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Shout out to Michael McDonald.


One of the most interesting things about Art Basel 09 was graffiti and street art's presence in and around the fair. Primary Flight, the world's largest site-specific street level mural installation, brought some of the most talented graffiti and street artists together in Miami during Basel. All of the Wynwood district in downtown Miami is covered in large scale paintings and installations by some of the world's best writers. Based on conversations with participating artists in this year's Primary Flight, and looking at the work they produced, graffiti as an art form is evolving and changing. Many of the artists are looking for new challenges, and as a result their work is maturing. Artist's like El Mac, POSE from Chicago, SEVER, PUSH, and others are raising the bar for everyone. While traditionalists won't be thrilled to see their favorite graffiti artists creating a different style of work, I am super excited to see where it's all going.

Primary Flight's Blog
Fecal Face Article

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Friday, December 11, 2009


Had the best time last week in Miami with the superfriends. Also saw lots of old friends I hadn't seen in so long. Check out some flicks I took. Sorry the camera on my phone sucks )):

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ffwd from blu on Vimeo.

The dudes at TWBE posted this today. I love it so much I had to post as well. BLU is so dope!

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