Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Heathen posted this mix that Mattfoley made last year, and it brings back memories so I had to bite his style and post it as well. Shout out to Abby Koocher for the shout outs on this mix. And since we're shouting out shout outs, shout out to Josh Edge for telling me that his friend is San Francisco recently played him this mix. Small fucking world we live in. Indeed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hooligan Disco (w/ English subtitles) from Institubes on Vimeo. And here's the first volume: Hooligan Disco!

One More Song

Check the trailer for Para One's tour diary, One More Song. It documents his travels around the world with the Institubes crew and friends. Every time he comes to Miami, and even when I saw him in LA a few months back, he had him camcorder with him. Now I fully understand why. Looks so dope. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

So Much Fun

Check out Jessy's blog to see pictures from Alvaro's and Friendswithyou's shows on Saturday night. Shout out to Miami times a million. Like Khaled already told you, "We The Best!"

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Friday, May 09, 2008

New Website for Jonny

Check Jonny's new site HERE

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Moving Out

Tonight's my last night at the Beach Club. Gonna miss this place but I'm siked for my new place in the design district. Shout out to Mattfoley for the past year on the island.

Miami - We the Besssst

You're all sleeping sleeping on Miami. Check out how we do tomorrow night. Shout out to my life. Alvaro's solo show at Bas Fisher! Shout out to Ben Dietz at VICE for the free Colt 45! Alvaro aka Freegums is one of my favorites. This is the last show at Bas Fisher before they move locations and we're throwing down so come through and watch movies of Alvaro dancing to Miami bass.
Freindswithyou group show at MAS! Sam has the best outlook on life and is taking over the world with love.
Homeboy Eduardo Lopez has his second show at Fifi Projects. Expect lovely pictures of naked girls! Shout out.

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Bill Meadows presents Beach Club

New and Exclusive - Bill Meadows presents Beach Club with Mattfoley featuring Wu Tang Clan and ZZ Top.

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Cuizi is Crazy

cuizinier - message perso sélectionné dans Musique et Rap-R&B

Interview with Caleb for Swindle

An interview I did with homeboy Caleb Neelon was posted on the Swindle Blog the other day. LA people check out his solo show at the Carmichael Gallery in LA tomorrow night.

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