Sunday, October 29, 2006

i wish i could make a website that looked like this. simple but fresh.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Saturday Desktops

Name: Raul Rivera aka Double R
What i do: create_destroy_repeat
Most important thing: skittles and my theme music

Friday Desktops

Name: Mattfoley
What I do: music producer?
Most important: My John B Rambo collection folder

Name: Rachel Smith
I catalogue art on my desktop.
The most important thing on my desk is my "Oprah for President" Mug by Cary Leibowitz.

Jennifer Lambrini Contogeorgos

I use my desktop to stay in touch with my friends and family.

The most important thing on my desktop would have to be my photographs.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Desktops

send your desktops here:

and check the most bananas link from Ikea thanks to the only Matt Foley.

-Your name: CLAW money
-What you do on your desktop: EVERYTHING
-The most important object/thing on your desktop: COFFEE and/or HOMER SIMPSON

your name: Dao-Yi chow
What you do on your desktop: Get Busy
what's the most important object/thing on your desktop: the Lego framed pictures of my son

1.Name: Alex Lukas
2a. My Brooklyn Desktop (buried on the left somewhere in the photo). Used for drawing, screen printing, book making and e-mail checking as well as general storage. Deserted late August 2006.
3a. I miss it dearly, the most important thing was everything around, above, bellow and next to it.
2b. My Dorchester Desktop. Used mostly for checking my e-mail in the morning before I head to Cambridge. Usually there is a computer here and a medium cup of Dunkies coffee (regular).
3b. The most important thing at this desk is the roof above it and the floor bellow (Ryan: Thanks for letting my stay...)
2c. My Cambridge Desktop (A.K.A. my parents basement), mostly used for drawing these days, though today there is some strange kitty litter down there and I'm worried my uncle pawned his cat off on my dad...though I have
yet to see the cat.
3c. Most important thing at this desk is my glass of brushes and the can of UFB that has been great for making smoke, but is about to die. And the Cantab Order I need to send today.


what I do on it: this is where the "magic" happens. HUSTLE, keep in
touch, keep out of touch.

The most important thing/object: 3-D glasses, marky mark, Biggie, my
camera and my one of too many notebooks.

Name: Josh Edge

What I do on my desktop: reading and writing on
sustainable development, play with music, eat food.

Most important thing: my powerbook and my wonderful speakers

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday Desktops

Your Name: Alexandra Lee
What you do on your desktop: Discover and reach out to individuals/groups that I think should have (and will have) a vested interest in bringing a new performing and cinematic arts center to Cambridge/Boston. That, and I use a lot of Google products...
The most important object/thing on your desktop: on my physical desk top - my moleskin calendar, on my computer desktop: Firefox and ACT (my database program)

1. Name: Jonathan Olivares

2. What do you do at your desk top: Jonathan Olivares Design / Research

3. Most important object/thing on your desk top: Whatever I am working on at a given time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Desktops

-your name: Caleb Neelon
-what you do on your desktop: Write books and articles and random crap,
paint pictures, and eat.
-the most important object/thing on your desktop: Coffee

My name: Eli aka E-Heavy aka The Bamboozla aka Soul Clap
What I do on my desktop: promote events, write proposals and manuals, make flyers, listen to music
Most important: my notebook

Name: Erin Cooney
What I DO on my desktop?? I don't get that question.
The most important object workwise on my desktop is probably my icon
linking me to the Internet. The most important thing personally on my
desktop is probably my icon linking me to my IM. :-)
Attached is my desktop photo. And it's from my trip to Maui in Sept.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Desktops

- My name:  Esther Park
- What I do on my desktop: Honestly - I don't like a lot of shit on my desktop since more shit on the desktop takes up a lot of your RAM - usually when i got a lot of icons floating on my desktop, that means i am too busy to organize my files into their appropriate folder.  case in point - i've been very busy these days.
- Most important object/thing on my desktop: is a folder called SATYA - inside the folder contains pictures of my daughter since birth.  The folder holds approx. 878 pictures and weighs in about 2.6 gigs!

My name is Ross Kochman. I write papers for grad school, listen to music, read, and take notes on my desktop. My most important thing on my desktop is my IBM Notebook because it allows me to check out Judd's Blog everyday.

Please send desktops to

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Desktop Experiment

For the next week I'm going to post a different desktop on here. If you want to participate please send me an image of either your physical desktop or a screen shot of your computer desktop. Then answer the following questions:
-your name:
-what you do on your desktop:
-the most important object/thing on your desktop:

Here's mine:

I'm Judd. I romance my client, try to hustle vendors and generally keep in touch with my homies on my desktop . The most important thing on this desktop is my notebook because along with Melissa Silas, it keeps me organized.

Send all desktops to:

Thanks for playing.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lots of stuff is popping off. Sorry...I've been busy. we go.

Tonight is Legends of Style in Boston. Homeboys BACK, POINT, HISTO, MR.BEE, OP8, CAYPER and tons of people I'm forgetting are showing work. I wish I could be there. Big ups to my dudes Eli and Rob at Media-Pop for doing this and giving some kids with talent a chance to get their shine on. For more info click here.

Stephen has his first retrospective of work he's done for Readymade Projects. It's in Tennessee so if your out there, check for him. For more Stephen click here.

Greg Lamarche just launched his official website. It is bananas. Dude is super ill. See it here.

Tucker is gonna be a star. Check out the trailer for his new show. Wow...he's really got the lead role in this show. I'm excited for him. Check it out here.

Josh Edge just sent me this book and so far I'm digging it. I'm lucky that my friends are the shit.

And of could I bounce without the craziest news of all. Matt Johnston, one of my oldest and best friends had a baby on Tuesday. Check the flick. This is my dude of dudes and I'm very happy for him.

and finally...check for first wireimage jump off here.

Check back soon. I'm working on some stuff that I hope I can share with you on here soon. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Finally Curve from Philly gets his own thread on 12oz! I've been a fan of his stuff for a minute.
So Roger and Caleb have been telling me to check Wooster Collective. I guess Marc and Sara from Wooster were shocked that the entire Creativity Now Conference didn't feature a single woman on any of the panels. Check this link to see the email exchanges between Ken from Tokion and Marc and Sara. I'm sure this won't be the end of this debate. On another note, my director just told me that she won't pay for me to go to the conference this weekend. Sadness. Wooster Collective vs. Tokion

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Jigga off his new album. just blaze is gifted.

been in nyc since wednesday. seen lots of homies and i'm happy. go pats.

Monday, October 02, 2006

ok. where to begin? ummm. jonny sent me some flicks of his new office space in chestnut hill mass. the converted garage looks great. i'd expect nothing less. check below for the flicks. nice one!

this weekend abby of bootyballzbounce fame came through with her homegirl dre from LA. we wilded out all night saturday and i ended up in my drawers swimming in the standard pool at 4 in the morning. in abby talk, it was "bonkers." wish i had flicks from that evening but i'll have to hit abby up to get em.

i'm going to back to nyc on wednesday and i'm most siked. hope to see my peoples in the dozens!

i had a pretty uneventful day off from work for yom kippur. i pretty much worked all day and watched a little hbo here and there. i also went to target. here is a flick of the homegirl lindsey, the young padiwan david ritter and i breaking the fast at jerries diner on south beach. it was a very jewish experience.

and finally i have to give a shout to my folks in miami. last night instead of going to synagogue i kicked it with my homies alvaro, mike d, juan and a bunch of others for a small screen printing jump off at their studio space downtown. i got a couple custom designs printed that i'm super siked about. check out the flicks below. sadly my camera was jacked so all i have are ones i took with my treo. *sadness.